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Café Coffee Day Vs. Café Coffee Day - The Lounge: Brand Confusion?Lyndem, Preeti Krishnan
Capital standards of banks and loan supply: Evidence from IndiaThampy, Ashok
Case study on AlibabaSaranga, Haritha
Case study on global product development and other study materialsTripathy, Anshuman
Case study on Policybazaar.comGupta, Seema
Case study on Zoom carGupta, Seema
Cases and technical notes on corporate governanceRamachandran, J
Cases and technical notes on various aspects of governance: Cases on Yes Bank Limited and Sun Pharma, along with a technical note on board monitoringRamachandran, J
Cases on management and supply chain issues at Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahavata Samiti (BMVSS) - Jaipur footKumar, U Dinesh
Common mechanisms underlying different types of attractionSingh, Ramadhar
Comparing the accelerator phenomenon in Israel and in IndiaBhagavatula, Suresh
Competition across social health insurance schemes? Evidence from IndiaMukherji, Arnab
Construction of a comprehensive database of director interlocking in India using data from the Ministry of Corporate AffairsGeorge, Rejie
Corporate social responsibility: Social or strategic?Basu, Debarati
Creating a survivorship-bias free data on Indian mutual fundsPanchapagesan, Venkatesh
Criminalization, caste and political outcomes in India: Evidence from Uttar PradeshMitra, Shabana 
Customer segmentation at Spencer retailMishra, Ashis
Dainikbhaskar.comGupta, Seema
Dancing with the star: Benefits of a star employee's temporary absence for organizational performanceGarg, Pranav
Debt management in IndiaSingh, Charan